What was the last thing you asked yourself?
My mother is trying to get away with having tortured and abused me my whole life?
She has blackmailed me into not having friends, gfs, a social life. AAANNNYYY free time. Has used people in my year to spy while at school. Not let me go out. Tortured me at home. Forced me around, blackmailed me into bad conditions, chores, etc. Technically, nothing easily provable or whatever else Now she is 50,...
Do you agree Justin Bieber has more talent than Kim Kardashian?
Best answer: Kim Kardashian doesn't have a big talent. She has something else big... :-D
Could the Broncos make a huge mistake if they follow this advice?
Best answer: Finding someone else better is never guaranteed. This time next year, fans could call on the Broncos to rehire Vance if things get worse.
Will Colin Kaepernick get the noble peace prize for his hard work?
What was wrong with Ronald Reagan?
Donald Trump is by far the worst president!?
Best answer: Maybe. He's certainly one of the worst - I did't think anyone would outdo GWB in my lifetime, but here we are...
Why do liberal atheists want to give hormone blockers to children?
Best answer: yeah!

they want to control their environment, including the behavior of their children. They think they are God.
Do you have a Christmas Tree ?
What's the saddest thing that's ever happened to you?
Agree or disagree: homelessness is one of the worst things that can happen to a person?
Don't you think this is an arrogant thing to say?
Best answer: Ignorant, maybe. Foolish, dimwitted, and arrogant, definitely.

I mean, unless you're one of the very few people able to do a specific kind of job that is much needed in your area, then you're going to have competition and probably are not always going be anyone and everyone's first choice.
Whats everyone's Favorite color?
Conservatives how is Hilary a criminal but not Donald Trump?
Best answer: There's actually two indictments, Manafort and Gates.

Trump is the criminal, Hillary is the scapegoat for con losers.
Why cant we just tax the rich at 90 percent?
Best answer: I agree.

The ultra rich should not exist.

Their existence leads to virtual aristocracies. Modern governance is all about reigning in the ultra rich and not letting them run the world.
Money is the foundation of all illegitimate governments.