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What does somber demeanor mean?

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my horoscope said "But your somber demeanor could get in the way of your goals."

what does somber demeanor mean?
Somber is dull/depressing and demeanor is your aura or your personality.
So someone thinks your depressing personality could hamper your ability to achieve. How true.
Somber Definition
Definition Of Somber
1. Dark; gloomy.
2. Dull or dark in color.
3. Melancholy; dismal: a somber mood.
4. Serious; grave.

5. Melancholy; dismal: a somber mood.
6. Serious; grave.


1. conduct; behavior; deportment.
2. facial appearance; mien.

Somber demeanor means you appear sad and depressed. To say your mood is somber means you feel sad but to say your demeanor is somber means its noticeable.
it means your gloomy mood